What is an example of polysyndeton in "Fahrenheit 451"?

1 Answer
Jun 11, 2017

An example of polysyndeton in Fahrenheit 451 is found in pages
106 -107 where Captain Beatty recites his dream to Montage.


Polysyndeton is to bond together a number of thoughts and ideas not necessarily related to one another.

In reciting his dream Captain Beatty links a seemly unending stream of ideas drowning Montage.

" you said Truth will come to light.... I cried Oh God he speaks only of his horse. You said This age thinks better of a gilded fool than a threadbare saint. I whispered The dignity of truth is lose with much protesting. You screamed Knowledge is power I said the folly of mistaking a metaphor for proof. "

The literary form of polysyndeton is used by Bradbury as almost an oni mona pia. The endless stream of unrelated thoughts drowns the reader in much the same way as it drowns Montage in the story.