What is an example of transcendentalism in literature? How can you find transcendentalism in a piece of literature?

1 Answer
Feb 25, 2017

Into the Wild


Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is an example of transcendentalism. It is a true story, where the protagonist, Chris, goes into the wild. He delves into philosophy, and roughs his way through many terrains, hoping to find something within himself. His connection with nature, pursuit of knowledge, isolation from society, and belief in an oversoul all highlight prominent aspects of transcendentalism.

Another example is Thoreau's famous Walden. Here, Thoreau goes into the "wild" as an experiment and tries to live simply in order to find meaning and a connection.

I honestly do not enjoy reading Thoreau because he is dramatic and his writing is tedious. Nonetheless, both of the aforementioned books are worth a read.