What is/are the conjunctions in the following sentence?: All of us wanted to go to either the movies or the mall, so we carpooled.

1 Answer
Mar 26, 2016

either, or, so


either, or

These two are correlating conjunctions. These types of conjunctions come in pairs, and they link the phrases "the movies" and "the mall."

This is in keeping with the main function of conjunctions--to link ideas to form a coherent idea.


This is a coordinating conjunction. It links two independent clauses, which could have stood alone as their own sentences, but have similar and codependent ideas.

The independent clauses are

  • All of us wanted to go to either the movies or the mall

  • We carpooled

The use of the conjunction shows causation, that is, since the group wanted to go out, they carpooled.

Coordinating conjunctions typically link independent clauses in the form

ind. clause | comma | coordinating conjunction | ind. clause