What is Arithmetic Mean?

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Apr 1, 2018



when they tell you to find arthemetic mean, simply find the average. average is the sum of all numbers given over their quantity. e.g. : if you were to find your average in exams and your grades are 100, 98, and 96
your average is #(100+98+96)/ 3#
which is 98

Apr 1, 2018

See below:


The arithmetic mean is an average.

This means that you find the "central value in a set of numbers".

Say I scored #89, 90, 96, and 83# on some tests in school, and I wanted to calculate my average score.

I would add all of them together and divide by the number of scores that I was combining (which is #4#, because I took four tests):

#(89 + 90 + 96 + 83)/4 = "average"#

#358/4 = "average"#

#89.5 ="average"#

So #89.5# is my arithmetic mean score.