What is bioenergetics therapy?

1 Answer
May 15, 2017

Bioenergetic therapy is a form of psychodynamic psychotherapy (combining body and mind) helping people resolve emotional problems and realise more of their potential for pleasure in living.


The idea behind bioenergetics therapy is that blocks to emotional expression and wellness are revealed and expressed in the body as chronic muscle tension which are often subconscious.

It is believed that what affects the mind affects the body and vice versa. Psychological defences one uses to handle the pain and stress of life are also anchored in the body. They appear as unique muscular patterns in the body, that inhibit self expression. These patterns can be identified and understood by bioenergetics psychotherapists, who know how to look at the structure,movement and breathing patterns in a persons body.

The blocks are treated by combining bioenergetically designed physical exercises, effective expressions and palpations of the muscular tensions.

Bioenergetic therapy offers an integrated, effective, relational approach to address common manifestations of early wounding, distress and dysfunction. The goal is achieving aliveness, getting a taste of pleasure, joy, love - vibrant health.