What is bone erosion? Is it like arthritis?

1 Answer
Aug 27, 2016

Bone erosion is local resorption of bone and can be caused by arthritis.


Bone is not a static but a very dynamic tissue. It is continuously broken down and formed throughout life. In normal circumstances these processes are balanced, keeping the bone strong and healthy,

Disturbances in this balance can lead to bone erosion: too high local resorption (break down) of the bones and/or disturbed formation of bone. When it is a thing that occurs in all bones of the body it is called osteoporosis.

Bone erosion is most often caused by arthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of joints. The immune system makes antibodies directed against bone tissue and it secretes inflammatory molecules (cytokines).

Both the antibodies and the cytokines stimulate the cells that resorb bone. In addition, they suppress the cells that make new bone tissue. All leading to a local lower density of bone.