What is Domain Eukarya?

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Jul 2, 2016

This includes many of the different living things we encounter today, that have organelles (like the nucleus) in each one of their cells.


All living things are composed of cells. Some organisms are single-celled, but most are multicellular: this means that they are composed of thousands to millions or more cells.
Cells are the basic and smallest unit of all living things.

    • Eukaryotes * are organisms with ' organelles ', or compartments, inside their cells.
      Some examples of an organelle
      ** * are the nucleus (holds the cell's DNA) and the mitochondrion (for energy transformation).
      All organelles are surrounded by a membrane, usually a lipid layer or bilayer.

Most cells on Earth, however, are tiny single organisms called bacteria. Bacteria are not Eukaryotes. They are called 'Prokaryotes'.

Scientists believe that Eukaryotes developed over millions of years from the Prokaryotes.