What is first person future progressive tense?

1 Answer

First person singular is "I am..." and plural is "We are...", where the "..." is where the present participle (the verb ending in -ing) goes.


The Progressive tenses are ones that show repeated or continuous action.

There are 6 of them - Present/Past/Future Progressive and Present/Past/Future Perfect Progressive.

The Present/Past/Future Progressive is made by using the helping verb "to be" in the present/past/future tense, along with the "action verb" present participle - that is it ends in "-ing".

For example:

I am running (Present Progressive)
I was running (Past Progressive)
I will be running (Future Progressive)

And for completeness, the Perfect Progressive tenses use "to have" as the helper verb and the same present participle for the action verb:

I have been running (Present Perfect Progressive)
I had been running (Past Perfect Progressive)
I will have been running (Future Perfect Progressive).

All of these examples have been in first person singular (the use of "I"). First person plural of the Present Progressive would be:

We are running