What is granite?

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Oct 5, 2017

Granite refers to a granular intrusive igneous rock made up mainly of quartz and feldspar any rock regardless of color that meets this chemical composition is granite.


Normally granite is a light colored igneous stone. However the different ratios of the basic chemicals and the presence of trace elements can change the colors.

The percentage of quartz can vary between 30 -70% Different colored materials can "dissolve" into the quartz that makes up the granite. Normally quartz is a clear mineral, giving a light color to the granite. however there are many different different colors of quartz, rose quartz, grey quartz , black quartz to name a few. The color of the quartz will change the color of the granite.

There are four different types of feldspar that can be used in different ratios to form granite. The different amounts and types feldspar will affect the color of the granite.

The word granite comes from the word grain. All granites because they are intrusive rocks that form under the surface, have large grains or crystals. While all granites are made up of crystals of quartz and feldspar granites have different colors.

Mar 6, 2018

Granite is a type of rocks occur as solid mixture of minerals.

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Mar 27, 2018

Granite is an igneous rock. This means it was formed in a liquid state from magma that cooled into a solid state. It generally has a granular texture. The grains are chunks of minerals that were present in the magma.


Granite is made up of large proportions of quartz and feldspar, and smaller amounts of mica, biotite, amphibole. These grains in different amounts form different colors and textures of granitic rocks. Granite is very hard and tough.