What is kidney anatomy?

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May 3, 2016

Please see the explanation part.


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There is the capsule that covers every other anatomical structure within the kidney. Then there is cortex through which capillaries are impregnated there. In the cortex, there is also one part of the nephron, whereas the other part is in the medulla (renal pyramid) in which the latest process of forming urine is completed. There are 7 medullas (in some patients there could be even 8) separated by the renal column. The urine that is formed is then collected first in the minor and then in major calyx and later on it passes through ureter.

Vascularisation of the kidney is pretty much rich; the renal artery, vein and nerve - which represents renal inervation - are all collected in a bundly in the enterance to the kidney which is called hilum.

The capillaries in the cortex that have already been mentioned above originate form the renal artery and vein.