What is menstruation? What is puberty?

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  • For the first part go to explanation section.
  • Puberty is a time period during which growing boys or girls undergo the process of sexual maturation. During this period both boys and girls experience physical changes under the influence of various hormones.


Menstruation is a monthly discharge of blood and mucus from female body. The process is driven by hormones.

  1. When a female starts going through the process of puberty she becomes capable of reproduction. An egg matures in her body and gets deposited in her oviduct by ovulation.
  2. Therefore, every single month uterus prepares itself for possible event of implantation (in which the already fertilized egg adheres to the wall of the uterus) by thickening its lining which is richly supplied with blood to nourish the future embryo.
  3. When the egg in her body is not fertilised, the formation of the embryo does not take place, therefore, the uterus gets rid of the thick lining which is sloughed off and dead tissue+blood come out through her vagina.
  4. When a female is pregnant, the uterine thickening is maintained and she doesn't experience periodical discharge of blood and mucus for the entire course of nine months.


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