What is one piece of evidence you would expect to see that indicates that a chemical reaction is taking place in each of the following situations?

a) A slice of bread gets stuck in the toaster and burns.
b) An unused carton of milk is left on a kitchen counter for two weeks.
c) Wood is burned in a campfire
d) A light stick is bent to activate it
e) Hot dogs are grilled on a gas stove

1 Answer
Jan 6, 2018

A: Change of color
B: Change of color, solid?
C: Gas produced, energy transfer
D: Change of color
E: Transfer of Energy


How do you know if a chemical reaction has occured?
Look for these 4 things:
1. A change of color occurs during the reaction.
2. A gas is produced during the reaction.
3. A solid product called a precipitate is produced in the reaction.
4. A transfer of energy occurs as a result of the reaction.

Hope this helps! I might have gotten the answers slightly off, so be sure to check that they are correct! Cheers!