What is one way to increase the rate of dissolving salute in to________ A. Decrease the temperature of the solution B. Let the solute settle to the bottom of the solution C. Stir the solution D. Use a salute with a larger particle size What is the answer?

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Dec 2, 2017

C. Stir the solution


There's 3 main factors you should know that affect dissolution:

  • Temperature : The #color(blue)("higher")# the temperature, the #color(blue)("more")# solute you will dissolve.
  • Agitation: The #color(blue)("more agitated")# the solution, the #color(blue)("more")# solute you will dissolve.
  • Particle Size: The #color(red)("larger")# the particle size, the #color(red)("less")# solute you will dissolve.

Given this:

Answer A is incorrect: Decreasing temperature will only decrease the amount of solute you dissolve.

Answer B is incorrect: Allowing the solution to settle means that you are not agitating it, which means you will not dissolve as much solute.

Answer D is incorrect: Larger particles mean that you will dissolve less solute.

Answer C is correct: By stirring, you're agitating the solution, which means you'll dissolve a greater amount of solute.

Hope that helped :)