What is singularity boundary?

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Feb 8, 2018


A singularity boundary is a boundary between between normal space and relative space.


Relative space is the area inside the singularity boundary believed to exist inside a black hole The theory of relativity as proposed by Albert Einstein predicted the existence of black holes. In a black hole the force of gravity becomes so heavy that the fabric of space is so bent that even light can not escape the bending of space.

According to the equations of relativity mass affects time. In high levels of gravity time slows down. At a singularity boundary time theoroticaly stops, At the boundary time ceases to exist. The direction of light is affect by the change in time dilution. caused by gravity. At a singularity boundary the direction of light is so changed that light is bent in an unending circle and never leaves the dark hole. ( which is why it is called a black hole no light escapes a black hole. )

The speed of light is a constant but time is not a constant. Einstein accurately predicted the bending of light as it passed through the gravitational field of the sun during a total eclipse. Calculation of the age of the universe based on light years are not valid because of singularity boundaries.

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