What is spectroscopy and it's types?Explain.

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May 27, 2018

look below...


In my experience, spectroscopy is something that can be used to find out an unknown molecule. They have graphs you can use to determine what stuff there are,

The kind of spectroscopy i know is...
C NMR, IR (infared) and Mass spectroscopy.

C NMR (Carbon NMR) is used to find out how many different 'carbon' environments there are in a molecule. In the same way, H NMR is used to find out 'hydrogen' environments.

IR, is used to find out types of chemical bonds like, C=C (carbon atoms double bonded to another carbon atom) or maybe even a carbon bonded to a hydrogen.

Mass spectroscopy can be used to find out the mass of a molecule or the mass of other molecules that came from the original molecule.

In summary...
C NMR = how many carbon stuff
IR = what bonds there are
Mass spec. = what mass does the molecule have

together, these can help you find out an unknown molecule; helps you figure out what thing you have.