What is the 5 examples of Water?

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Feb 28, 2018


Ice, Water, Saturated vapour, Steam, Superheated steam


Your question is not entirely clear so iam assuming you are referring to the states of water.

If you not aware in Physical chemistry substances like water are depicted on whats called a phase diagram. It shows regions where a substance will exist in a specific state. In the case of water you will see three primary regions for each of the primary states. You will also find a point referred to as the Triple point where all three phases can coexist in equilibrium. This is a special case.There are also extreme regions where water can be in a superheated state. So you can have saturated vapour, steam and superheated steam.

In engineering tables these various degrees of heating can be quantified. Some technologies that evolved by utilising phase diagrams are processes such as freeze drying where one can transition from a solid state viz ice directly to vapour. This is used in the preparation of cryopreserved foodstuffs or in biochemical samples.

In the sugar industry sugar one of the processes used is triple effect evaporation which is an energy efficient method of removing water from cane juice.