What is the antonym of the bolded word?

1 Answer

See below:


We're looking for antonyms - which are words that hold the opposite meaning of the word selected. For example, the antonym of up is down.

We have 3 words looking for antonyms: factual, lesson, lively:

Factual - of the 3, this is the one I'm having the hardest time with. I'm going with rational - factual refers to something dealing with life experience while rational refers to something that is conjectured, thought up.

Lesson - lesson refers to something where we learn, whether that be a life lesson or a lesson in school and for that we need to be mindful. I'm choosing oblivion which refers to a state of mindlessness, of unawareness.

Lively - lively refers to something that is energetic and full of verve. The antonym I'm picking here is pallid which refers to a lifeless state.