What is the best way to heal a popped ligament, due to a dislocated/fractured ankle?

1 Answer
Nov 11, 2016

Ligaments heal very slowly and the area must be protected initially from further damage by restricting movement. Injections are often prescribed.


Ligament tear may take at least six months to heal. Ligaments are fibrous connective tissue, the fibres- mainly elastin, are produced by fibroblast cells.

  • Initial pain and inflammation must be treated by suitable medicines. The injured joint must be immobilised to prevent further damage.
  • As the inflammation subsides, tissue repair starts. Fibroblast cells proliferate and start secreting structural units of the fibrous material.
  • To speed up healing, injection of an irritant solution in the affected joint is often recommended.
  • After three weeks, light activity involving the affected joint should be started. Gradually normal activities may start, but the ligament itself will remain weak for months. Physiotherapy always help.
  • More of protein and vitamin C should be included in diet.