What is the Big Bang Theory and how does it account for the creation of the universe?

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Aug 19, 2015

the theory of big bang is completely "HYPOTHETICAL"


IT IS "" ASSUMED"" that there was a small particle . a very very high density state particle. it exploded and sent particles at extremely high speeds in random directions . as the mass remains constant the volume of the super high density increased continuously.

the scattered mass over period of time slowed and cooled down . thus forming galaxies, stars , planets and other celestial bodies.

Aug 19, 2015

It is not Hypothetical it is Theoretical. If something is Hypothetical it is an educated guess. This is Theoretical because is has been tested and not found to be false. It doesn't make it fact, but it does mean that it is a lot more likely to be the truth than something that is Hypothetical.

The Big Bang Theory accounts for the creation of the Universe by be able to explain the expansion of the Universe and it has further evidence by the ratios of hydrogen to other "primordial" gases. Furthermore there is cosmic microwave radiation in space that does not emanate from existing bodies. Using the Big Bang Model we can explain this as radiation from the actual Big Bang.

This is not my specialty and I normally would not have answered it, however to suggest it is hypothetical is in fact incorrect.
I invite someone with more knowledge than myself to explain it with more detail.