What is Boyle's law?

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Apr 24, 2014

Boyle's Law is a comparison of the relationship between Pressure and Volume of a gas in a closed system.

Pressure and Volume have an inverse relationship and can be determined through the mathematical equation:

#P_1V_1 = P_2V_2#

If the volume of a container is increased the pressure of the gas inside the container will decrease as their will be less collisions between the molecules of gas and the walls of the container.

Like wise if the volume of the container were to decrease the pressure of the gas would increase as the molecules would collide more often in the reduced space.

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Boyle's law studies the relationship between pressure and volume. It's an inverse relationship as it is indicated that when pressure increases, volume decreases and vice-versa.

It can be summarized as...

#P_1V_1 = P_2V_2#

Here is a video which shows an example of how you can solve a gas problem using Boyle's law.

video from: Noel Pauller