What is the chemical formula for proteins?

I know what proteins do and what they are made out of but I did not know what the Chem. Formula is

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Sep 26, 2017

If you know what proteins are made of, you should know just how many atoms they contain. Proteins are humungous macromolecules, rarely represented by chemical formulas.

Proteins are made of amino acid sequences bonded together into secondary structures which interact to form three dimensional tertiary structures which further interact to form quaternary structures. Outside of really high level biochemistry, you really only have to worry about amino acid structure:

e.g. Tyr (tyrosine), which for context may participate in signal transduction pathways dealing with phosphorylation cascades in cell communication, or may serve as a building block for dopamine

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This amino acid has a carboxyl and amino group with a central carbon and a characteristic side chain.