What is the correct answer for the calculation #(36 \times 0.12345)/ 6.77#?

1 Answer
Oct 29, 2017

If we take "correct" to mean scientifically accurate, then it would be


Scientifically, we cannot claim knowledge of more information than is given. Thus even though we know ONE of the numbers to both five digits and the hundred-thousandths, it cannot make the inherent inaccuracy of the two-digit, singles-place 36. The 6.77 is in between as well.

The expression may be evaluated in any order, as it is just a combination of multiplication and division. The limiting factor in the final "calculator" answer of #0.656454948# is the two known values in the original #36# value.

THUS, the final answer may correctly only contain TWO significant figures. With the "uncertain" value in the thousandths place (6) (one beyond the "known" two-place accuracy), we "round up" the preceding digit (5) to a 6 for a final answer of #66#.