What is the difference between a chemoautotroph, heterotroph, and an autotroph?

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Apr 21, 2018

Ok check this


We know every organism uses some type of mechanism to accomplish its respiration in order to combuste its food into energy

Plants are common oragisms that are known to use sunlight+ CO2 (carbondioxide) to produce oxygen and water and for this purpose they are called as Autothrophe because they are not dependent to other living organisms to provide for them meaans to respire.

Heterotrophe ara us Humans and every other living organisms that is dependent on oxygen produced by other living organisms.

Chemoautohtroh are also included in the auotroph group but unlike the plants wich are fotoautotroph they are called chemoautotroph because of their property of extracting their energy (ATP) from chemical reactions i.e. when iron 2 oxides into iron3.