What is the difference between a linear and a cyclic metabolic pathway?

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Sep 18, 2015

The energy molecules counts called NADH and FADH2


As far as i know, linear metabolic means glycolisis as cyclic means Kreb's so i am going to use it with my definition

Well the difference let's see

  • Glycolisis (aerobic situation)

Input: glucose
Output: pyruvate

You could not transform pyruvate to glucose again that is why it is linear. There is 2 phases called..give-electron and take-electron(my languange) and in this phase you have 2 NADH and 2 ATP..

  • Glycolisis (ANaerobic situation)

Input: glucose
Output: Lactic acid

You could transform lactic acid to glucose again via hepatic pathways(outside the cell). But it is still called linear.

Kreb's cycle has to be aerobic because the concentration gradient of NADH and FADH2 should be normal otherwise the reaction will not be completed

Input: pyruvate being transform to Acetyl-Coa
Output: the same


Some fat molecules or protein molecules could be made into energy by this only pathway.