What is the difference between neutrons and neutrinos?

1 Answer
Apr 16, 2016

Neutrons are large and made out of multiple other particles and form part of the atomic nucleus, while neutrinos are tiny, single particles with almost no effect.


There is no real relationship between neutrons and neutrinos except that both carry no (neutral) charge. They are separate particles in almost every other way.

Neutrons are a type of nucleon, meaning they are found in the nucleus. They are also a baryon, since they are composed of three quarks: one up and two down. The neutron has a total charge of #0#, and a mass of just over #1# atomic mass unit, or about #1.675*10^-27kg#, which is quite large as far as particle physics is concerned.

Neutrinos are more similar to the electron, and are a fundamental particle on their own. They have no charge, very little mass, and are only really affected by the weak nuclear force, which means that billions of them pass through us in seconds and have very little effect.