What is the element in Group 17, Period 3?

1 Answer
Sep 24, 2016



All you have to do to answer this question is take a quick look in the Periodic Table of Elements.

You can pinpoint any element by using two coordinates

  • its period number, which tells you the horizontal row on which it is located
  • its group number, which tells you the column in which it is located

So, let's start with the period. You know that your element is located in period 3, so count three horizontal rows from the top of the table


Now move on to the group. You know that your element is located in group 17, so count seventeen columns from the left of the table, or one column from the right of the table, if that's easier.


If you do everything right, you should land on chlorine, #"Cl"#. Chlorine is the element located in period 3, group 17 of the periodic table.