What is the electricity required to produce 1 photon,red photon and blue photon?

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Apr 21, 2017


I hope is not too confusing...


As an example consider the spectrum:
We can change the wavelength #lambda# into frequency #f# using the speed of light in vacuum #c#:
Blue light (roughly) #f_B=(3xx10^8)/(400xx10^-9)=7.5xx10^14Hz#
so we can find the energy needed to get one blue photon as:

Now if you have a light generator (hypothetical) you can feed one coulomb carrying this energy and it will produce one blue photon. In terms of current you can produce 1 blue photon each second if you send one of these coulombs of charge each second (representing a current of 1 Ampere).
So summarizing:
enter image source here

The real process of producing a blue photon could be simplified as:
enter image source here

Inside the atom of the filament, the electron that "acquired" energy from the current and jumped to a higher orbital relaxes back emitting the surplus energy in form of a photon of light.