What is the general formula for fermentation?

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May 31, 2017

#C_6H_12O_6(aq) stackrel("Yeast")rarr2CO_2(g)uarr + 2H_3C-CH_2OH(aq)#


So sugar is converted to carbon dioxide and an aqueous solution of ethyl alcohol. The sugar normally comes in the form of grains, which when fermented give beers; and from grapes to give wines; and from apples and pears to give ciders and perries.

Redistill the beer or the wine, and you get some whisky or brandy. The distillate, the liquor, is more concentrated with respect to alcohol. When these liquors are aged in wood barrels or glass, they become very high value products. At one time, these would have been the only medicine available. It is well known that we get the name #"whisky"#, from the Gaelic, #"uisce beatha"#, which, however you pronounce it, means, the #"water of life"#.

I have said much the same thing here.