What is the gravitational force that the Sun exerts on Jupiter?

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Apr 23, 2018

See below:


Using Newton's law of universal gravitation:


All values taken here are from Wikipedia-but I've taken the mean value of the distance between Jupiter and the sun.

1 Astronomical unit=#1.5 times 10^11 m#

#G#=Gravitational constant= #6.67 times 10^-11#

Mean distance between Jupiter and the sun= #5.2 AU approx 7.8 times 10^11 m#

Mass of the Sun #approx 2.0 times 10^30kg#

Mass of Jupiter #approx 1.9 times 10^27 kg#

#F=((6.67 times 10^-11) times (2.0 times 10^30) times (1.9 times 10^27))/(7.8 times 10^11)^2#

(2 significant figures)

#F approx 4.2 times 10^23 N#

Is the force of attraction between Jupiter and the sun due to their masses.

Apr 24, 2018

The Sun exerts no force on Jupiter.


Gravity is not a force. Newton's laws approximate gravity as a force; Einstein proved that gravity is a consequence of mass and energy curving spacetime.

Jupiter is simply following a geodesic, which is the four dimensional equivalent of a straight line. It is simply following a curve in spacetime caused by the Sun's mass.