What is the Iinear speed of a point on Earth's equator? What if the point was at latitude -15.0° ?

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Aug 6, 2016


At the equator, linear speed with respect to the polar (day/night spin ) axis is 463.82 km.s = 288.87 miles/s, At latitude #!5^o N and 15^o S, this speed is 447.77 km/s = 27829 miles/s.


Speed = (distance traveled in a second/second..

The circumference of the equator = #2pi X 6378 km.

The number of seconds in a day = 24 X 3600

So, at the equator, speed = #(2piX6378)/(24X3600)# km/s = 463.82 km/s.

At #+-15^o# latitude ( a little less than equatorial ) Earth's radius is

6374.5 km, nearly.

.The latitude-circle circumference = #2pi X 6374.5 X cos 15^o# km.

So, the speed is (#2pi X 6374.5 X cos 15^o#)/(24 X 3600)= 447.77 km/s .

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