What is the IUPAC name of the given compound?

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2 Answers
Dec 5, 2017


Nitrile group have more priority hence while numbering it is given the lowest locants#rarr#1,3,5-cyano

The other one is called methylidene group or methylenegroup that is substituted to the cyclohexane ring.
It is given consequtive locants after nitrile group. #rarr#I think tris(methylene), trimethylene & tri(methylidene) can be used.

Dec 5, 2017

The preferred IUPAC name is 1,3,5-tricyano-2,4,6-trimethylenecyclohexane.


Nitriles take precedence over alkenes in naming, so the cyano groups get the lowest numbers.

The methylidene groups (formerly called methylene) are not complex groups, so they take ordinary multiplying prefixes (e.g., tri-).

Thus, the name is 1,3,5-tricyano-2,4,6-trimethylenecyclohexane.