What is the measurement of 417.32 g when rounded to four significant figures?

1 Answer
Aug 25, 2016

To four significant figures, the measurement is 417.3 g.


None of the digits is zero, so all five digits are significant.

When rounding a number, you first need to ask: what are you rounding it to?

In this problem, you are rounding to four significant figures, counting from the left.

That takes you to the "3", so you are rounding to the nearest tenth.

Here's a tip: look only at the number in the place you are rounding to and the number that follows it.

In this problem, you look only at the "3" and the number that follows it, the "2".


Here's the rule to follow:

  • If the number you are rounding (the "3") is followed by 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4, do nothing to the number.

The "3" is followed by a "2", so the rounded measurement is 417.3 g.