What is the molecular formula of a diamond?

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Aug 28, 2015

Diamond is an allotrope of Carbon


Allotrope means that it is a form of Carbon but differs in its structural arrangement.

Graphite when introduced to high temperature and pressure undergoes a structural change from being hexagonal planar to being a tetrahedrally bonded lattice.

This structure and ultimately the covalent bonding between the Carbons give Diamond its hardness and thermal conductivity.

Difference in structure of Diamond and Graphite:
enter image source here
Image from: https://d2jmvrsizmvf4x.cloudfront.net/EKKPRMbQqeIpN3MbQj13_small

So ultimately the molecular formula of Diamond is C, just like for graphite but the structure is different and so are the properties.

Hope this helps :)