What is the name of our Solar System?

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Mar 4, 2016

Solar System


The planet we are in is located in the Solar System. It is named Solar system because planets orbits around the Sun.

Sun = Solar

Mar 4, 2016

Our solar system is simply called The Solar System.


Curiously, we don't have official names for things which normally would. We talk about The Moon, The Sun and The Solar System.

A moon is a body orbiting a planet. The Moon is the moon orbiting the Earth. It doesn't have an official name, although there are names like Luna which is used by some people.

Likewise a sun is another name for a star which planets orbit around. The Sun is the sun the Earth orbits around. It have alternative names like Sol, but there is no official name.

Likewise a solar system is a sun with one or more planets or other bodies orbiting around it. The Solar System refers to The Sun and the bodies orbiting around it which includes the Earth.