What is the net ionic equation of the reaction of MgSO4 with Pb(NO3)2?

1 Answer

#SO_(4(aq))^(2-) + Pb_((aq))^(2+) -> PbSO_(4(s))#


The balanced equation for this reaction is

#MgSO_(4(aq)) + Pb(NO_3)_(2(aq)) ->Mg(NO_3)_2(aq) + PbSO_4(s)#

The complete ionic equation is

#Mg_((aq))^(2+) + SO_(4(aq))^(2-) + Pb_((aq))^(2+) + 2NO_(3(aq))^(-) -> PbSO_(4(s)) + Mg_((aq))^(2+) + + 2NO_(3(aq))^(-)#

If you eliminate spectator ions, which are the ions thatcan be found both on the reactants' and on the products' side, you'll get the net ionic equation

#SO_(4(aq))^(2-) + Pb_((aq))^(2+) -> PbSO_(4(s))#

Lead (II) sulfate is insoluble in aqueous solution and will form a precipitate.

Here is another example which illustrates how to write a net ionic equation.

Video from: Noel Pauller