What is the origin of a star cluster, quasars, and pulsars?

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Feb 4, 2017

Star Cluster: Collection of stars born together. Quasar: Basically a Black Hole. Pulsar: A rapidly rotating Neutron Star.


Quasars (I'll refer to them as Bo's {Black Holes}) and Neutron stars are formed from a star's collapse. Black holes form from larger stars than neutron stars though ( > 8 Solar Masses). Pulsars are then rapidly rotating NS's which are very magnetized (this is a characteristic of all neutron stars though) that emit beams of electromagnetic radiation from their poles. The beam is only detectable when it points to the earth, and a common analogy to this is the lighthouse. Pulsars have rotational periods that vary greatly, but all with the accuracy of an atomic clock.

A Star cluster is a group of stars that were formed at the same time and likely from the same molecular cloud. They stay loosely attracted by their gravity, and eventually stray away from each other.

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