What is the participle adjective in the following sentence?: We were excited by our friend's visit.

1 Answer
Mar 9, 2016

The participle adjective in the sentence is "excited."


Recall that a participle adjective is an adjective that describes a noun, either ending in -ed or -ing. If the adjective ends in -ed , the past participle is used. In contrast, if the adjective ends in -ing , the present participle is used.

To locate the participle adjective, start by looking for the adjective in the sentence #-# that would be the word, "excited," since it describes the noun, "we," in the sentence.

You could say that "excited" is the participle adjective since it is the only adjective in the sentence. However, if you want to have more evidence to backup your answer, you could say that "excited" is in the past participle, that is, it ends in -ed.