What is the pathway a uric acid molecule takes from a glomerulus to the urethra?

1 Answer

Uric acid molecules appear in the glomerular filtrate by ultrafiltration, but only 10% of the filtered load gets excreted. The rest is absorbed back into the blood through the tubules.


Here are the major signposts along the way.

Through the nephron

The major landmarks are passed as the molecule moves through the nephron.

Glomerulus → Bowman's capsule → proximal convoluted tubule → descending loop of Henle → ascending loop of Henle → distal convoluted tubule → collecting duct

(From www.easynotecards.com)

After the nephron

Hundreds of collecting ducts feed into a minor calyx (cup)


Two or three minor calyces converge to form a major calyx.

(From en.wikipedia.org)

These feed through the renal pelvis into the ureter

Collecting duct → minor calyx → major calyx → renal pelvis → ureter

The final path

The ureter feeds into the bladder and urethra.

Ureter → bladder → urethra → OUT!