What is the physiology of the human body in relation to the importance of correct moving and positioning of individuals?

1 Answer
Aug 16, 2016

An understanding of basic anatomy and physiology can help reduce the risk of your doing harm when you are moving and positioning individuals.


Skeletal system

Bones are connected by joints that allow a given range of motion.

When moving and positioning individuals, be sure that you don’t move their joints beyond their range of motion.

Muscle system

Muscles are connected to bones by tendons. When the muscle fibres contract, they shorten and pull on the tendons and bone to which they are attached.

You must move and position an individual slowly. Sudden movements can cause painful pulled muscles, torn tendons and joint dislocations.

Nervous system

You must ensure that your actions do not damage nerve fibres, because they send the impulses that enable the muscles to relax and contract.

The skin

Areas under pressure and where bones are close to the surface are at greatest risk for developing pressure sores.

Not moving an individual often enough can lead to pressure sores and nerve damage.