What is the process of wastewater treatement and why is it important?

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Nov 26, 2015

Wastewater treatment includes several processes depending on the concentration of pollutants these are;
- Physical (screening etc)
- Biological (adding bacteria to the system)
- Chemical (adding chemicals and settling the resultants) , processes.


Wastewater treatment is important because, wastewater
contains high concentration of pollutants and if huge volumes of wastewater pumped just directly to the waterbodies than it can cause some environmental damages. In order to prevent these damages, we have to make a treatment before discharging into rivers or lakes.

A simple scheme of water treament can be seen in the picture below;

obtained from eschooltoday website

However wastewater treatment is not a simple job, environmental engineers make lots of calculations and laboratory experiments in order to find the right treatment techique to a specific kind of wastewater.