What is the relationship between oxygen use and heat production?

1 Answer
Dec 20, 2016

They are directly related to each other.

So, greater "oxygen use" leads to more "heat production".


In general, combustion reactions occur when a substance reacts with oxygen and release heat and produce a flame.

Consider a chemical equation in which oxygen gas is the limiting reactant. If there is not enough #O_2# for the reaction to proceed, the chemical system will not be able to continue in it's progression.

So if you have an excess amount of oxygen, the chemical system will be able to continue to progress until the other reactants are used up, and thus continued production of heat will occur.

We must also remember that heat is a form of energy, and as such it is a product of metabolic reactions. Oxygen is "used" to drive the release of energy from nutrients, and this energy, in turn will drive metabolic processes. And in general, the more heat, the quicker the chemical system will be able to progress (the reactions take place at a faster rate).