What is the role of ATP synthase?

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Aug 28, 2015

ATP synthase is a membrane protein which converts the proton gradient across membrane into energy storing molecule ATP, important for biological purposes.


I have explained what ATP synthase is now waht is the structure of ATP synthase is as follows


there is a rotor trans-membrane part in the protein #F_0# which is attached to #F_1# through a shaft/stalk. there is an anchor protein which connects #F_1# to membrane.

working of ATP synthase

where the rotor mechanism also called #F_0# is the one which allows proton to pass across the membrane. As proton goes in #F_0#, #F_0# rotates holding proton in the pockets assigned to proton.

now as the #F_0# moves the shafts/stalk also moves which help the #F_1# to convert the ADP and Phosphate group to combine and convert into ATP.

the link below is a good one which describes what ATP synthase does and its structure.