What is the specific heat capacity of a 50-gram piece of 100°C metal that will change 400 grams of 20°C water to 22°C?

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May 20, 2016



According to the law of conservation of energy that sates:
Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, we can conclude that the energy lost from the metal is absorbed by water, and therefore;


in here, the metal will lose heat and water will gain heat. Note that the specific heat capacity of water is #s=4.18J/(g*""^@C)#.

Thus, #mxxs_("metal")xxDeltaT = mxxs_(water)xxDeltaT#


Now we can solve for the specific heat capacity of the metal and we get:


Here is a video that explains this topic with more details:
Thermochemistry | Enthalpy and Calorimetry.