What is the standard form of the equation of the parabola with a directrix at x=-8 and a focus at (-7,3)?

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Apr 29, 2016



The directrix is x = 8 the focus S is (-7, 3), in the negative direction of x-axis, from the directrix..

Using the definition of the parabola as the locus of the point that is equdistant from the directrix and the focus, its equation is

#sqrt((x+7)^2+(y-3)^2)=8-x, > 0#,

as the parabola is on the focus-side of the directrix, in the negative x-direction.

Squaring, expanding and simplifying, the standard form is.


The axis of the parabola is y = 3, in the negative x-direction and the vertex V is (1/2, 3). The parameter for size, a = 15/2.,