What is the subject of the following sentence?: I am working on an essay for English class.

2 Answers
Apr 5, 2018

I is the subject here, since subject is the person who does work.

Hope this helps :)

Apr 5, 2018

I is the subject


The simple subject is what/who the sentence is talking about. It is always a noun/noun phrase/pronoun. In this sentence, the subject is "I."

The compound subject is when the sentence talks about multiple things/people.

For example, in the sentence below...

Andrei and Viktoria pick apples. Andrei and Viktoria is the compound subject. The sentence talks about both of them.

The complete subject is the simple subject and whatever comes before it (such as adjectives or determiners).

Since there is nothing before "I" in this sentence, the simple and complete subject is I.