What is the subordinate clause of the following sentence? is it a noun, adjective, or adverb clause?: When the water boils, add the eggs.

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Mar 15, 2018



This is a great question.

Do you know what is the subordinate clause?

Please come by the basic.

Except these connecting words like- and, but, or , nor, so, semi colon, yet when a clause starts by other connecting words those are all subordinate clauses, like connecting words

that, which, who, however, as soon as , whatever, moreover, nevertheless etc etc hundreds connecting words could be.

So, we have come in a short cut point now.

Put the formula now,

When the water boils, add the eggs.

This is a complex sentence, correct?
When part is a dependent clause, correct?

when says---time issue that answers the adverbial issue. So it is an adverbial clause, not a noun or adjective clause, clear?

One important point: only five connecting words like WHO, WHOM, WHOSE, THAT and WHICH make an adjective clause.

Problem is a noun clause that has vast explanation. More?
If you want to know ask what is a noun clause, hope we many veterans here could answer you including me.

Hope the explanations work.