What is the surface area to volume ratio for a cube that measures 4 cm on each side?

1 Answer
Nov 19, 2015

#A = 96 cm^2#
#V = 64 cm^3#
#Ratio =(96cm^2)/(64cm^3) = 1.5#


You calculate the total surface area by finding the area of a single side of the cube and then multiplying that area by six (for the six sides of a cube).


Once you do this you will find that a 4cm Cube has a total surface area of #96cm^2#.

To find the volume you simply use the following formula:


In this case (because it is a cube) you will use 4cm for each value:

#V_(cube) = 4cm*4cm*4cm=64cm^3#

To find the ratio of surface area to volume, simply divide the surface area by the volume:

Ratio #=(96cm^2)/(64cm^3)=1.5#

Ratios are generally unit-less as they are comparing two values rather than combining to form a new value.