What is the theoretical yield of aluminum oxide if 1.60 mol of aluminum metal is exposed to 1.50 mol of oxygen?

1 Answer
Mar 13, 2017

1.0 mole


First, write the balanced chemical reaction. Then, see how many of the available moles of each reactant will be used. The theoretical yield is the value at which one of the reactants has been completely reacted.

#2Al + 3O_2 → 2Al_2O_3 #

We need THREE moles of oxygen for every TWO moles of aluminum to produce TWO moles of aluminum oxide.

We have 1.60 mol of Al and 1.50 mol #O_2#, so #O_2# is the limiting reagent, and the maximum amount of aluminum oxide that could be produced is 1.50mol #O_2 * (2/3)((Al_2O_3)/(O_2))# = 1.0mol #Al_2O_3 #