What is the volume in milliliters of a 5.01 M silver nitrate solution that contains 275. mmol of silver nitrate?

1 Answer
Aug 19, 2016


54.9 ml


275 mmol is 275 mmole, or expressed as moles 0.275 moles (there are 1000 mmol on a mole).

A 5.01 M solution contains 5.01 moles per liter.

We have 0.275 moles, which is:

#0.275 / 5.01# of a liter

#0.275 / 5.01 = 0.0549 " liters" #

Hence we have: 0.0549 x 1000 = 54.9 ml.

This is a fraction question, and what is most probably causing confusion is the chemistry.

If I said you had a cake that had been cut in to 6 slices, and I gave you 1 slice, and asked how much of the cake you had, you would say 1 /6.

In the question above we have a cake cut in to 5.01 slices (yes, I know we can't really do that), and I have given you 0.275 of a slice.