What kind of an atom has the same number of #p+# as #e^-#?

1 Answer
Sep 1, 2016

A neutral atom always has the same number of protons and electrons.


A neutral atom before it reacts with other atoms always has equal numbers of protons and electrons. ( The number of neutrons can vary)

Atoms of the 8A group or noble gases rarely react with other atoms so generally have the same number of protons and neutrons all the time.

Most atoms in order to become more stable lose or gain electrons becoming ions, or charged particles.

A classic example is salt NaCl the sodium number 11 wants to lose 1 electron to become like Neon number 10 . Thus becoming #Na+1#
While Chlorine wants to gain one electron to become like Argon number 18. Thus becoming # Cl^-1#

Together they become neutral again +1 + -1 = 0